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Events and Catering

Whether you need catering for your Production Wrap Party, your next Oscars Viewing Party,  a special celebration for your company's employees, or any party occasion, bbad has you covered.  We've catered for everyone from Mercedes Magazine, to NativeForeign Productions.


Mira's Place - Music x Charity

In partnership with nonprofit 501(c)(3) Mira's Place, bbad catered an event with live music and great food, in an effort to help fundraise for the charity.  Hosted at a music producer's studio, bbad was inspired by the live music for its menu.

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Oscars Viewing Party

Los Angeles-based production company, NativeForeign, hosted a Oscars viewing party, and asked bbad to cater their party, to celebrate their staff, and their clients.

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​Staff Celebration

Prominent Seattle-based restaurant, Tarsan i Jane invited bbad to come host a special family meal to celebrate the restaurant's amazing staff.

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