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Through the Lens of California
Mexican Fusion



At bbad, we are passionate about bringing together the vibrant flavors of California and the rich culinary traditions of California. Our music-inspired cuisine is a celebration of our diverse community and the creativity that comes from blending different cultures.​

We started in the farmer's markets of West Hollywood, moving into catering and popup events during and post-pandemic.

Coming soon to a brick & mortar location...

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy around food has always been to prepare simple ingredients correctly to achieve the best flavor with no fillers. The bbad menu encapsulates this philosophy.


It’s a straightforward menu that is simple, delicious, and responsibly sourced.



Our award winning chef has created a next-level menu.


We source as locally as possible for all of our ingredients.


There are no shortcuts to flavor.

Event and Wrap Party Catering

Whether you're a music company in need of catering for your next Grammy Party or a production company in need of a fun experience for your next Wrap Party, you can book us.


Music Collabs

Introducing "Collabs," a visionary fusion of gastronomy and melody that transcends boundaries. This curated experience unites globally acclaimed musicians with bbad’s master chef, forging a dynamic synergy across art, culture, music, and cuisine. By meticulously pairing diverse talents, Collabs sparks novel connections, inviting attendees on an immersive journey of discovery. This innovative convergence is more than just an artistic endeavor—it's a strategic collaboration.

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